The Retail Academy

We work together with companies as smart partnerships in providing hands-on solutions to assist solve day to day business challenges by developing their human capital.

The Retail Academy

TMarsillo Consulting provides a complete training service in the Wholesale and retail sector. The training packages are designed with your input, specifically for the retail sector in which you operate. They can be branded for your company and delivered to your staff in a seamless manner. These training packages and our training methods have been created for retailers who wish it to improve the individual performance of their staff

Developing Talent

Good Retailers know that recruiting, retaining and developing talent is key to long term success. We work with your teams on two levels, delivering tailored training on retail skills and working with your leadership on coaching and development programmes.

Our courses are tailored to your needs

Negotiating – when to, how to and when to walk away
Range creation and the use of Customer Decision Trees
Building a Customer Advocacy Programme
Integrated Marketing, creating it and using it
Performance Management

Our courses are tailored to your he more senior programmes we offer are usually conducted as part of a one to one coaching session

Managing teams, creating a performance culture and gaining management control.
Personal effectiveness, refining your own communication processes and making your diary work for you
Situational Leadership and its use
Seasoned judgement, making the right decisions
RPL assessments and development, with one of our accredited assessors
Team Building, either a new team or an established team that needs some polishing

Our Programmes Include:

•Retail Operations Programmes •Retail Management Programmes •Retail Sales Programmes •Retail Customer Service Programme •Distribution and Logistics programme

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