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We work together with companies as smart partnerships in providing hands-on solutions to assist solve day to day business challenges by developing their human capital.

EE & BEE Consulting

We have developed a comprehensive employment equity transformation process in the market and has expertise in all fields relevant to Human Resource Development, Employment Equity, BEE and Transformation

We provide the following EE and BEE services:

Process consulting with regard to Employment Equity Transformation from the establishment of EE Forums/Committees to the successful implementation of facilitated EE Plans and Strategies

Facilitation of BEE Strategies for organizations (including individual strategies for each of the seven elements), and assistance with the implementation thereof.

A retainer service to assist companies on an ongoing basis with the management and facilitation of their EE and BEE Processes.

Assistance with the Setting, Managing and Achievement of EE Targets, inclusive of the development of EE Balanced Score Cards for Managers.

Learnership Implementations

Our Processes involve the following:

Start-up and selection of providers and learners

Needs analysis to determine the implementation processes

Establish implementation partnerships between providers and SETA’s 3.

Submit letter of intent to implement learnership/skills to relevant SETA (if necessary)

Assist during SETA evaluations of employer for capacity

Plan facilitation and assessment of learning schedules

Obtain buy-in and commitment from all stakeholders .

Skills Development Facilitator Services

We facilitate the development of employees in the organisation We Evaluate the skills development needs of the organisation and continually assist in the implementation of identified needs.

Our main services are:
Advise the employers on external and internal skills strategies as well as the progress of the skills development of the organisation.

Lead the process of organisational skills development and employee development.

Assist in Setting up and capacitating the training committees.

Advise the organisations on the implementation of the WSP and on the quality assurance requirements of the relevant SETAs.

Serve as contact person between the organisation and the external SDF and SETA.

Complete the workplace skills plan, and annual training reports and submit it to the correct SETA, before the deadline.

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